Full Coverage: The 2020 Ex Awards – Event Marketer

Full Coverage: The 2020 Ex Awards – Event Marketer
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Full Coverage: The 2020 Ex Awards

2020_ex_trophyThe year’s best experiential marketing campaigns

Remember when? The industry, and the world, has changed significantly in four months, but in our 18th annual Ex Awards program, we offer 93 reasons to keep your chin up—and keep going.

With all-new categories folded into the program designed to recognize events in every shape and form, this cache of ideas is your ticket to recovery town. Entries to the 2020 Ex Awards broke all records. And the winners? They broke records, too.

Take Dave’s Killer Bread, which took a cue from its founder’s story and created a replica white-collar-prison-themed sandwich shop that offered second chances to ex-cons through a charitable component—and generated a 30-percent lift in sales in the process. Or Chick-fil-A, which introduced its family-centric ethos to new markets through a holiday pop-up shop that had nothing to sell except quality time (that is, 50 minutes of dwell time) with loved ones. And then there was SAP, which took its flagship conference’s 20-plus mini campuses and a maze of a show floor and converted the footprint into five manageable “neighborhoods” that were color-coded based on the brand’s solutions, and, ultimately, boosted the event-generated pipeline by 15 percent. And that’s just a small glimpse into this year’s smartest strategies.

Reviewed and scored by a panel of brand-side judges from some of the world’s biggest brands, the winning case studies were selected based on their ingenuity and measurable impact with respect to the goals set forth at the start of the campaign. Winners were unveiled at the first-ever Ex Awards virtual gala on June 23.

Now, turn off Zoom and get ready to rumble. And a big congratulations to all of this year’s winners.



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