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Face-Lift: Keeping Pop-Ups Fresh The Second Time Around

Sometimes the maxim “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it ” just doesn’t apply. To wit event marketers working on the second iteration of a successful pop-up face a unique struggle: finding the balance between creating a unique experience that capitalizes on all the great elements from the first pop-up while introducing enough new stuff to keep the crowds—and the buzz—coming the second time around. How two brands faced—and met—the challenge:

Now in its fourth year the tech magazine’s annual pop-up has enjoyed considerable buzz with geeks and non-geeks alike. The electronics showroom experience pops up in SoHo just in time for New York City’s holiday shopping season giving gadget-philes and coolhunters the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with the hottest new toys.

This past year the brand sought to give the environment a more permanent retail feel to liken the pop-up to other high-end shopping experiences. To achieve the new vibe the brand designed the space to look and feel like a well-edited retail environment or museum featuring high-end window displays showcasing the products. “There was a sense that you were walking into a boutique that was curated by the magazine ” says Susan Harrington associate publisher-marketing for Wired.
To further add to the experience Wired editors conducted Gadget Labs showing consumers the latest and greatest products and how to optimize them for the most efficiency. The result was a new experience that tweaked and improved on the already-successful premise—a magazine pop-up that serves as a conduit between consumers and hot tech products.

The eco-friendly cleaning  brand entered the pop-up space in 2007 taking over a home in Seattle and making it a temporary environment for locals to come and experience Method. The events were designed around the concept “if Method had a home” (Agency: A Squared Group West Hollywood CA).
Through metrics including influencer feedback hits in the blogosphere and word of mouth the brand deemed the pop-up a success. But looking forward Method wanted to achieve equal success in other cities—Boston Chicago and New York City—along with a new objective: convince consumers that it was more than a Target brand.
The new tack was a twist on the first pop-up’s premise: instead of home the brand focused on retail creating an experience designed around the idea “if Method had a store.” The space featured the full line-up of Method products plus interactive environments where consumers could test out the items. A nice touch: consumers could trade in one toxic cleaning product for a free Method item. Plus the space worked overtime—at night the brand hosted influencer parties to maximize the pop-up and drive more buzz.


Photo Credit: unsplash.com/@tirzavandijk 

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