2023 Fab 50: Executive Q&A with Hamilton

Give us the quick version: How do you describe your company?

Hamilton is an experiential event marketing agency with a 75-year legacy that specializes and focuses on putting our client’s experiences first. We design, produce, and execute integrated exhibits, events, environments, and digital solutions that drive meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. In addition to conventional event solutions or offerings, we have an internal creative studio (StudioH) that focuses on strategy, creative, and performance measurement.

What types of things do your clients say about you?

Our clients say Hamilton offers more than a traditional exhibit company in that we think strategically to help them establish and achieve their marketing goals and objectives. We provide clients with fresh and unique creative solutions that differentiate them from their competition and engagingly captivate their target audiences. We consider ourselves an extension of our client’s marketing team and aim to support their achievements as a partner, not just a vendor.

How would you describe the creative process at your company?

Our creative process is not a one-size-fits-all model. Every story is unique, and every story needs to be heard. All opportunities begin with a deep dive discovery session, establishing our client’s objectives and goals. Each new challenge informs the look and nature of our creative approach. We strive to develop memorable brand experiences that inspire participants to connect with brands beyond the surface level. Not only are we concerned about the aesthetics of the space but also the feeling and narrative in which that experience needs to portray. Through a series of inspiration studies and traffic mapping, the environment begins to have a purpose. From there, we dive further into architectural concepts and space studies, which help to conceptualize how our ideas can become a reality. In parallel, we are planning our visual messaging storyboard, whether digital or otherwise, to best convey the brand’s story. Each touchpoint must be intentional and purposeful, from preshow to product demonstrations and digital content to performance measurement. We enjoy creative challenges and collaborating with courageous brands that embrace the unconventional.

What are some of the ways your company is positioned, short-term and long-term, for growth? Strategies you’re exploring? New out-of-the box ideas?

Hamilton continues to invest in talent, expand our capabilities and services, and explore new avenues within event marketing as the industry evolves. Face-to-face engagement remains the most constructive way to communicate and build relationships between brands and their audiences. In addition to trade shows, we facilitate our client’s need to take their products and messages directly to customers using proprietary events, mobile marketing, and other business-to-business solutions. We have enhanced our strategic, creative, digital, and event measurement capabilities while also providing the budget predictability that our clients require.

What are the biggest opportunities for event marketers across the spectrum of fabrication and events heading into 2024?

The most significant opportunity for success as an event marketer goes beyond just fabrication; it should include the pre-, during, and post-show strategy. What occurs within the exhibit is equally, if not more important, than its appearance. Companies need to be intentional about their event program, viewing their event as more than a one- to three-day promotional exercise. Event marketers must take an omnichannel approach to their event advertising strategy, utilizing various tactics to effectively communicate their message to a broader audience, including customers and prospects who may not attend the event. Hamilton takes pride in producing comprehensive solutions that encourage clients to think big and go boldly.


Lynne Damer
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