2023 Fab 50: Access TCA Case Study


ANA/4A’s Guidelines for Agency Search advises:

Be prepared to demonstrate that you can “play nice” with other agencies—not just within your agency family or holding company but with other agencies as well. In today’s world of fragmented media, clients often have multiple agency partners, so cooperation/ collaboration among different agencies is essential.


Fast forward to the world of omnichannel marketing, and “playing nice” is more than a suggestion. It is a mandate. For those of us committed to face-to-face marketing, if we fail to collaborate with multiple agencies, our work is an outlier and becomes difficult, if not impossible, to evaluate in an ROI-conscious corporate environment.

At Access TCA, we understand that when an agency—either a brand agency or an AOR—is chosen, the resulting campaign needs pullthrough in every channel. And when agencies need a powerful ally in building an in-person marketing vehicle, they come to us.

This case study concerns our relationship with a full-service agency, Area 23, that focuses on pushing creativity and invention in healthcare marketing. The client is Boehringer Ingelheim (BI), a company with a therapy for an orphan disease, Generalized Pustular Psoriasis (GPP). An orphan disease attacks only a small patient population, but people who suffer from GPP experience excruciating pain.

Prior to FDA approval of the product (Spevigo), marketers could not use the brand name. However, educating clinical dermatologists about GPP was critical. Area 23 created a comprehensive campaign, “The Unwearable Collection,” to demonstrate the pain patients experienced.

Access partnered with Area 23 to create a disease state exhibit, an environment that mirrored a high-end fashion display with mannequins wearing “garments” reflecting the pain patients described. Because this was a radical departure from the typical disease state exhibit, attendees at the 2022 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) were captivated.

In the year between AAD 2022 and AAD 2023, Boehringer Ingelheim received FDA approval for Spevigo. This time, Area 23 built a campaign aimed at taming the fierce dragon that is GPP.  Once more, the partnership with Access brought crowds to the exhibit. Connecting the awareness of that pain to the treatment of the disease required a powerful image, a powerful metaphor, and a powerful statement: Disrupt the Fury. And that image was a ferocious, fire-breathing dragon who progressed from breathing flames to exhaling flowers.

Our work with Area 23 and BI is built on:

  • Strategy: paving the path to the big idea, drawing on our experience and insights.
  • Management: focusing on details that deliver the most measurable value.
  • Design: designing environments that attract, inspire, and create access to the audience.
  • Delivery: bringing our clients’ and their agencies’ ideas to life.

The results for the most recent congress, AAD 2023? Of an audience of approximately 2,000 attendees, 468.84k minutes of brand impressions, averaging 3.5 minutes. More importantly, there were 880 interested visitors, with 277 clinical dermatologists engaged in conversations lasting an average of 17.1 minutes.

Are you an agency looking for an exhibit partner/builder who plays nice? Contact us.






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