EventTech 2015: What You Missed on Day Three – Event Marketer

EventTech 2015: What You Missed on Day Three – Event Marketer
Event Tech 2015 Day 3

EventTech 2015: What You Missed on Day Three

Okay, so there weren’t as many runners at the 6:30 5K Team EventTech run as there were on Tuesday, but hats off to the nine that got up and out for a chance to tour a different course through downtown Las Vegas.

The show took off at 9:00 sharp and the day’s Learning Labs filled up quickly offering a full roster of topics ranging from beacons and geofencing technologies, to particle photons, to the internet of things and beyond.

The conversations at lunch took on a higher decibel as old and new industry friends recapped the bonding experiences of the day and night before, and enjoyed a buffet of tasty chicken and steak tacos, chips and guac and some hearty corn bread jalapeno muffins.

The last hours of EventTech went full force right until the end, with a total of 35 sessions and countless coffee and ice cream bar-infused opportunities to connect with colleagues and potential partners, and walk away with a few more friends and contacts than attendees had when they arrived.

Even with the best event technologies on hand (and we had more than 100 of them), it’s still impossible to be everywhere at once. So here, we “beam” you into the sessions you missed with a final roundup of insights gathered from some of the day’s roster of expert speakers. A huge thanks to everyone who came to the show—and hope to see you again next year at EventTech 2016, Nov. 14-16 at the Paris.

“You want to be able to make experiences limitless so attendees can recall them later. Now they can access that information and recall it as easily as they would change their thermostat, from an app.” –Brianne Ries, Brand Partnerships Associate, Esurance


“The new form of Twitter wall conveys conventional tweets on a new platform that allows the audience to participate in something that feels more playful and encourages shareability as the Tweets and keywords are parsed and the typeface changes. Tweets cascade in a literal Twitter wall.” –Bryan Yen, CTO, We Are Matik


“What we found over the last couple of years and I’m sure you guys are starting to see more and more of this, is that having internet connectivity, having networking at your event, having data, is just as crucial as having water and air conditioning at your event these days. … When it comes to networking for your events, the venue is the biggest factor in how successful your IT situation is going to be and how much it’s going to cost. The earlier you take IT considerations into account the better.” —Chris Tillman, Program Manager, Event Technology, Google


“You really want to balance that mood, the tone, how much it’s passive how much it’s interactive; what is the balance of intimate moments, what is the balance of spectacular moments. And I’d say 99 percent of the time we don’t start a project with an actual technology.” —Inessah Selditz, Interaction Designer, LAB at Rockwell Group


“Content is increasingly being used as a brand experience tool, and not just as an output. Why? Because consumers connect better through stories, they actually enjoy stories they get to experience and that they get to control; consumers also believe that their voice is important.” —Randi Conner, Senior Account Executive, ignition


“VR is this insular experience where you’re alone inside of this VR equipment and you’re not interacting with the people around you or on any kind of social sphere or social network. One of the great things about this technology is that it’s becoming more consumer friendly. People will soon be able to start capturing their own 360-videos and sharing them online.” —Jake Lee-High, Creative Director, Future Colossal


“Companies are still investing loads of dollars in advertising and TV commercials, but what they don’t realize is that as millennials, we don’t watch commercials. That’s when we go on Twitter to talk about the show or when I’m cooking.” —Jacques Bastien, CEO, Boogie


“Think like a marketer. That is relevant to your technology buy.” —Ryan Costello, CEO, Event Farm


“Kids have ipads in their hands everyday. They know how to use Facebook and Instagram better than anyone else, so we knew that our experience had to wow them.” —Elizabeth Boufford, Senior Brand Partner, Blippar


“Temporary outdoor Wi-Fi is achievable. It depends on the investment you want to make. It’s not a one-size fits all. You need to pick the right solution.” —Milko Figueroa, Regional Director, SmartSource Computer & AV Rentals


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