Charmin, Duracell Relieve And Recharge New Yorkers – Event Marketer

Charmin, Duracell Relieve And Recharge New Yorkers – Event Marketer

Charmin, Duracell Relieve And Recharge New Yorkers

Duracell partnered with sister Procter & Gamble brand Charmin at its popular restrooms pop-up in Times Square now on its third run to expand the brand experience for New Yorkers and tourists alike during the holiday season. Like Charmin which bases its program on meeting a consumer need (clean public bathrooms that are normally a rarity in NYC) Duracell provides a respite from the busy streets where people can recharge their cell phones and other electronics and reboot to get back on their feet.

The idea? Get relief on the third floor restrooms and recharge on the fourth floor at the Duracell Power Lodge. Both brands play up the forest theme originating in the Charmin TV ads. Charmin offers up an enchanted forest and Duracell a traditional relaxing lodge fireplace and all.

“We wanted to provide that unmet need of portable power for consumers giving them a bigger and better experience as well as enhance Duracell’s innovation message. Duracell is much more than alkaline batteries we’re the power source that allows you to live your life the way you want to live it ” Scott Popham assistant brand manager at Duracell told Buzz.

In addition to charging stations and a retail component displaying  Duracell’s full line of products the brand put its batteries to work by powering up Nintendo game stations as well as more of the season’s hot toys. Visitors could pedal bikes disguised as snowmobiles to create energy being captured to power up the 2009 numbers for the New Year’s Eve Times Square celebrations. The actual 2009 numbers are scheduled to make an appearance at the Duracell Power Lodge on Dec. 17 for photo-ops.

New this year the Charmin Restrooms will open its bathroom doors to the public on New Year’s Eve after the ball drops.

“We’re calling it Charmin’s Relief At Last. So starting right after the ball drops at midnight consumers can get relief. We’re excited to provide that solution to a need on New Year’s Eve ” Lindsay Hess assistant brand manager at Charmin told Buzz. Agency: Gigunda Group Manchester NH.


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