Bye-Bye Green Screen, Hello Virtuacast – Event Marketer

Bye-Bye Green Screen, Hello Virtuacast – Event Marketer

Bye-Bye Green Screen, Hello Virtuacast

Your photo and video activation tech toolkits are going on a diet, as many event marketers shed bulky green-screen footprints in favor of new mobile, lightweight “on-the-go” interactives.

From banking to beverage, sports to telecom, brands are using new technologies to slim down their on-site tech footprints. Case in point: Virtuacast, which marries pre-recorded video or photo content with live event interactions. Weatherproof, sun proof and hyper-mobile, the simple platform allows consumers to sing with their favorite rock star, dunk with their basketball idol or pose in a fashion shoot with the supermodel they idolize. All without a green screen.

How it works: Video content (and in some cases, photos) gets created and pre-loaded into the system. That content is then “assigned” to a marker, a branded rubber mat (typically a 23-inch disk). The mat is simply dropped on the floor at an event, acting as a sort of QR code that triggers the pre-recorded content to populate on a brand ambassador’s tablet camera screen. When an attendee stands near the marker, the live action mixes with the recorded content on the staffer’s tablet. The consumer gets their photo or video captured with a celebrity, athlete, you name it. The photo and video can be emailed to them or posted on a branded microsite or across their social networks.

You can almost hear green screens around the world crying. “Virtuacast allows us to organically integrate our services while enhancing the experience for [consumers],” says Rebecca Kruse, senior manager-sponsorships and events at US Cellular, which used the system as part of its Oklahoma City Thunder NBA activation. Fans were able to interact and pose with the team’s superstar point guard, Russell Westbrook.

Coca-Cola used Virtuacast last winter to activate ties to New York’s Jingle Ball mega-concert, produced by iconic radio station Z100. The brand linked Virtuacast content of the station’s evergreen Elvis Duran and the Morning Crew to its on-site marker, allowing thousands of consumers to get some “hang time” with the famous morning show members. “It ended up being a great experience,” says Erin Dempsey, senior director of production at Escalate, which handled.

Marketers are quick to point out that another key benefit of Virtuacast, available via Radiant Event Technology, is the ability to change out content as needed. “We can continually update content throughout the life of the campaign to be able to provide a refreshed experience,” Kruse says.

As content and experience collide, marketers are moving quickly to upgrade consumer engagements to more flexible, mobile and lightweight set-ups.

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