Gallery: Bonnaroo Signage Strikes an Authentic Chord

Bonnaroo Sponsors Employ Authentic Signage

Why Bonnaroo’s Signage Appeals to Millennials

Millennials are notoriously sensitive to overt marketing ploys and that includes over-commercialized messaging. At this year’s Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in June, a four-day event with 80,000-plus millennials in attendance, sponsoring brands demonstrated just how well they understood that fact. The 14-year-old festival’s producer Superfly, New York City, steers brands away from heavy branding, contending that the main activation space, Centeroo, needs to feel cohesive and authentic. Here, a look at signage, in all forms, that we found while exploring “the farm.” Check out this link for more coverage.

Take a Tour of Bonnaroo Activation Signage:

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