Audi Embraces its Roots with an LED-Powered Art Exhibition

Audi's Art of Innovation: An LED-Powered Art Exhibition

Audi Embraces its Roots with an LED-Powered Art Exhibition

Audi has been associated with LED technology since becoming the first brand to introduce LED daytime running lights on its vehicles in 2005. Eleven years later, the technology is still an important part of Audi’s fabric, prompting the brand’s sponsorship of Bold Notion: Art of Innovation, an LED-powered light and space exhibition created by artist Matthew Schreiber at New York City’s CORE: club.

While the exhibition will live at the elite members-only social club, consumers got the opportunity to participate in the immersive experience for one day on May 14—the first time CORE: club opened its doors to the general public. The exhibit marks the seventh installation in CORE:’s Bold Notion series, which spotlights modern, playful studies in transformation.

To create the one-of-a-kind exhibition, Schreiber used the physical structure and geometry of the CORE: club lobby to create a new environment comprised of advanced, high-intensity LED technology. Inspired both by Audi’s innovative design and the artist’s interest in ancient geometry, alchemy and physics, the exhibition features over 400 individual diode lasers, creating an interactive display of light and space for visitors to play with.

To kick off the public viewing of Schreiber’s work, Audi invited attendees to the CORE: club terrace for passed hors d’oeuvres and chic signature cocktails chilled with LED ice cubes. The most coveted concoction, dubbed the “Innovator,” was a vaporized cocktail that was simultaneously inhaled and swallowed, helping to set the tone for the futuristic art experience.

Following the reception, attendees were guided indoors in groups of 10 to experience Art of Innovation in an intimate setting where they were encouraged to interact with the exhibition. To cap off the event, guests were invited to a one-hour Q&A session with Schreiber to learn more about the artist’s sources of inspiration and the use of optical physics in his work. Attendees could later relive the evening by uploading photos and videos of the LED experience to a designated microsite.

“This really embodies our brand attributes in a way that we could never dream of,” says Nathalie Carpenter, marketing manager at Audi of America. “There are so many event sponsorships out there but this was an opportunity for us to own something as a brand and express our interest and our product attributes through something so much greater, which in this case was Matthew’s art. We really couldn’t have asked for something more authentic but yet so uncommercial.” Agency: Wonderland, New York City.


Gallery: Audi Presents Bold Notion: Art of Innovation

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