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Activation: WaMu Offers Customers Special Perks At Sponsored Venues

WaMu is the latest in a line of banking companies—including Bank of America and American Express—to offer its customers special event-related perks with the simple flash of a card.

At entertainment venues where the company has naming rights or sponsorship deals consumers can flash their WaMu debit credit ATM or home equity card to receive a host of perks that vary with each location. Some benefits include WaMu-branded lounges where consumers can relax special parking access and designated concession lines for WaMu customers. Venues include the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood CA and the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City among others.

“We really want to give people a top-to-bottom experience that they can’t get anywhere else ” Jane Zalutsky first vp-experiential marketing for WaMu told Buzz.

The brand is extending the WaMu Live! on-site experience with a web site——where consumers can register for ticket alerts and access pics from photo activation opportunities at the events.


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