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2023 IT List: Inside Street Factory Media


Headquartered in a restored machine shop, Street Factory Media has been pulling off experiential stunts and creative out-of-home media installations throughout the country for the past 20 years.

We are a fully integrated experiential shop with an in-house fabrication facility staffed by a team of artists, fabricators, designers, strategists, planners, producers, and foot soldiers united by a common goal: making big ideas come to life.

Let’s take a walk through the Factory.


Experiential Design

Street Factory’s collaborative team refines concepts and creates the blueprints to build and deploy intentional experiences from strategic planning and environmental renderings to UX schematics and structural designs.


Custom Fabrication

In-house multimedia carpenters and artists bring ideas to life through sculpting, painting, woodworking, metalworking, mechanical, tech and SFX integrations at our Minneapolis-based shop.



Event Production

Working in parallel paths to design and fabrication, SFM’s producers own the domain where ideas move from the shop into the real world. Location scouting, permitting, COIs, logistics, casting, styling, and ambassador staffing are all prepped for prime time to ensure event production precision.


Creative Media

Creating media inventory where it doesn’t exist. Street Factory helps brands do the unexpected through guerrilla street marketing tactics, public stunts and unorthodox OOH installations.


Content and Social Strategy

Using content to tell stories. Street Factory helps brands forge relationships with consumers in a tangible way through immersive brand experiences that enhance customer value and loyalty. These experiences are bolstered by content marketing that helps drive awareness, create online chatter, and give people post-event next steps—from pre-event teasers to real-time micro-content, event recaps, live streaming, and beyond.


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