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2023 IT List: Legacy Marketing Case Study



Elevating brand engagement and environmental awareness to unprecedented heights, Legacy’s groundbreaking campaign captivated the next generation of 21+ Corona enthusiasts through a shared reverence for the beach.

There’s an inherent challenge in making environmental education fun in recreational spaces. This campaign ingeniously confronted this, spotlighting the staggering 28 million glass bottles discarded into US landfills annually. By aligning this issue with the allure of oceans and beaches, Legacy aimed to fortify brand affinity while fostering environmental consciousness.

At its core, the campaign’s pinnacle innovation, the Corona Crusher, turned recycling into an experiential spectacle in the on-premise. Transforming empty beer bottles into sand with unprecedented efficiency, the Crusher harnessed technology in a novel way, resonating with the brand’s identity and igniting consumers’ eco-passions. A resounding success, the Crusher evoked awe among consumers and bar staff, spurring calls for its nationwide adoption.

In addition to the innovative Corona Crusher, the campaign introduced captivating elements that further enriched the experience. Among these was the inclusion of plantable seed coasters, which proved immensely popular.

Adjacent to the Corona Crusher, the “Sand Bar” beckoned consumers to engage in crafting their own custom sand art pieces. This interactive space included highly recyclable materials like glass, stainless steel, cork, and bamboo. Beyond fostering creativity, the Sand Bar reinforced Corona’s commitment to sustainability.

The presence of these engaging elements enhanced the campaign’s impact by extending engagement time. Notably, this extension provided event staff with the chance to foster genuine connections with consumers. By weaving education, creativity, and brand messaging into the event, the campaign effectively transformed an on-premise engagement into an immersive and impactful experience.

Amplifying impact, local sustainability and lifestyle influencers were seamlessly integrated, attending events and sharing compelling content with their followers. This symbiotic partnership extended the campaign’s reach, disseminating the brand’s environmental dedication to millions, bolstered by the influencers’ community trust.

The outcomes were monumental. A dynamic social media and content strategy expanded the campaign’s footprint, generating over 2.1 million digital impressions. The mesmerizing Crusher experience spurred organic promotion, yielding remarkable wordof-mouth advocacy. In a mere 32 weeks, the campaign spanned 370 events across 30 cities in 16 markets, supporting 270 accounts and recycling a staggering 231,081 pounds of glass. Notably, these efforts cut nearly 29 tons of carbon emissions, conserved 115.5 tons of precious natural resources, and amassed an astounding 2.7 million total impressions.

Legacy’s campaign seamlessly merged consumer engagement, environmental stewardship, and brand loyalty, delivering remarkable outcomes that echo far beyond the campaign’s culmination.


Amanda Turnbull
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