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2023 IT List: Q&A with ENTER

Zev Norotsky

Give us a quick version: How do you describe your company?

ENTER is a marketing incubator and cultural forecaster specializing in experiential strategies that fuse the worlds of live, digital, technology and multimedia into one cohesive brand platform.

Describe your agency—what makes it unique and how are you different from the competition?

ENTER is a new breed of event marketing agency founded with a flat organizational chart matched with a project-based approach which allows us to offer a distinct skillset for each assignment by matching the best creatives and producers with each objective. We don’t carry any unnecessary baggage and that allows us to be precise, efficient, and most importantly skill based. ENTER is just different, and that’s not about being relative to the industry as a

whole or other agencies. We are born from the spirit of collaboration and just want to follow our own path in an increasingly complex industry.

How is artificial intelligence positively impacting the business?

I think it’s still a bit too early to tell, our creatives are tinkering with some of the design apps and do think there has been some stellar output overall but want to err on the side of caution before we call this a revolutionary development. In an industry that already doesn’t do a great job of protecting ideas and agency IP it will be very interesting to see how that evolves with time.

enter it list 2023Given your agency’s successes, what approach and philosophy do you take to business?

I view ENTER primarily as a hospitality company that just so happens to produce events. One of the core tenets of our agency model is a dedication to client services. This is something that I felt was really lacking a decade ago and with my nightlife and restaurant background felt like it was a natural evolution to be client centric first and foremost. I live under the premise that it’s a lot easier to retain an existing client than find a new one and the key to retention in that regard has always been a combination of results and client services.

What do your long-time clients say about you? Why do they come back year after year?

We just care more! This is something that I drill home with our teams every chance I get. There are a lot of agencies, and the path to success for ENTER has and will always be its commitment to execution. Producing events is a highly stressful and dare I say emotional exercise, clients today want partners who will fight for them every step of the way and feel a connection to their agency counterparts. Client retention is the key to success for our business and it does not happen if every single person from the top down does not buy into this philosophy. It’s what makes working with us memorable and sets everyone up for long term success.

Your take on what modern event audiences really want?

The same as it has always been, which is to say that you just had to be there. I think live is the fundamental tie that binds, and all experiences are heightened when you are surrounded by a likeminded community. The absolute best events are the ones you can’t miss. If you design activations and events with that core thesis in mind and create desire on behalf of a brand you have already delivered.


Zev Norotsky
CEO & Founder
[email protected]

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