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2023 IT List: Inside Drury

Make Moments Matter

Drury is a strategic communications and event marketing agency based in New York City. Since our founding in 1981, we’ve partnered with our clients to create solutions that support and enhance their missions and brands, all over the world.

Our enduring goal: Create and deliver superior quality work that enables long-lasting relationships with our clients, employees, and business partners.

Here are just a few ways Drury can make your moments matter…


Strategic Communications

We help you find fresh ways to tell your story. Together, we’ll deliver your messages, connect minds, and let every voice be heard.


From small summits to global gatherings, we help you design and execute meetings that galvanize thought, promote networking, and provoke action.


With a deep knowledge of the clinical, regulatory, health-tech, and commercial landscape, we create people-centric moments that disrupt the healthcare status quo.



Immersive activations. Viral pop-ups. Branded bus tours. Influencer meetups. Interacting with a brand creates lasting memories. No matter the experience, we make yours unforgettable.


Our world-class talent department can enhance your events with house-rocking performances, expert perspectives, heartfelt stories, and megawatts of star power.

Learning & Performance

We create engaging, action-based learning curriculums that expand your teams’ skill sets and reinforce your key objectives.

Special Events

Celebrate your people. Recognize their achievements. Let them march with pride and rock out in concert. We’ll help you make those special moments matter, every step of the way.


Jacqueline Porter
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