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Seven Ways to Pilot an Airport Activation

Between hauling heavy luggage and enduring security wait lines, airports aren’t exactly known for generating positive experiences. But some brands are beginning to change that. Whether they’re capitalizing on the downtime between travelers entering the terminal and boarding the plane, or activating in-flight, they’re making the most of the flying experience. From the airlines themselves to brands looking for an innovative space to connect with consumers, we offer seven strategies for piloting an airport activation.

  • Beam Suntory Offers Travelers a Shot of Bourbon Education

    As bourbon consumption continues to boom in the U.S., Beam Suntory has been busy infusing consumers with its passion for the spirit and educating them on the nuances of the category. The brand recently wrapped Bourbon Legends, a pop-up at Terminal 4 in John F. Kennedy International Airport that aimed to provide travelers with an...

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  • How Marie Claire Disrupted the Woman’s Conference

    Transforming robotic networking into a bicoastal adventure, Marie Claire on March 21 connected 100 women in business on the East Coast with 100 women in business on the West Coast for “Power Trip.” The 36-hour conference designed with the “badass girl boss” and busy woman in mind didn’t waste a moment—including the six-hour plane ride....

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  • JetBlue Goes Retro with an Airport Pop-Up

    Airport. It might as well be a four-letter word. If you haven’t experienced gunning it through the concourse and arriving at your terminal with seconds to spare, you probably haven’t done much flying. And the reason for all the hustle and bustle is simple: No one wants to spend extra time hanging around the airport....

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  • Southwest Airlines Hosts Live In-Flight Entertainment

    There’s in-flight entertainment and then there is in-flight entertainment the way Southwest Airlines does it—via in-flight experiences that take off in mid-air, literally. Its most recent, a performance this past April by indie rock band the Black Cadillacs to introduce its non-stop service from Dallas to Memphis as part of its Live at 35 program,...

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  • Amex Promotes Ski Retreats With Airport Lounges

    American Express is growing its network of Centurion airport lounges, and to get the word out to its ski-loving cardmembers, the company in March opened a Centurion Lounge pop-up in Deer Valley. The idea behind the installation, which was open from March 6 to 22, was to familiarize cardmembers with the lounges, which are located...

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  • Audi’s Airport Drive Simulation Takes Travelers To Vail

    Travelers and ski buffs passing through Denver International Airport earlier this year couldn’t miss Audi’s Dome of Quattro installation, a set-up that involved two giant geodesic domes, an Audi S3 and a 360-degree virtual drive simulation to Vail. The 16-week experience, which took place in the airport’s central Great Hall, showcased the brand’s ski heritage,...

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  • Inside JetBlue’s ‘Reach Across the Aisle’ Viral Stunt

    In a stunt that has gone viral, JetBlue leveraged the timely cultural climate of the presidential primaries for an in-flight activation that got passengers to literally Reach Across the Aisle. The 150 passengers aboard a flight from Boston to Phoenix were told they would win a free round-trip ticket to one of 20 domestic or...

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