Eight Cause Marketing Activations That Reflect Consumers’ Shifting Priorities

Brands have leveraged cause marketing tactics to earn consumer loyalty for years, recognizing that younger generations in particular make purchase decisions based on a company’s ethos and whether its values align with their own. The most successful brands have walked the walk by supporting causes not with their words, or even donations, but with action. In the last 15 months, however, that action has often transformed into full-blown activism, and social good has taken on a whole new life.

Between a global pandemic and a racial reckoning, the world has changed—and the causes that matter most to consumers have shifted with it. As a result, brands are focusing their cause marketing efforts on helping businesses get back on their feet and supporting marginalized groups like the BIPOC community and women. And they’re using experiences to make it happen.

So to inspire your next social good campaign, we rounded up eight recent cause marketing activations that drove progress and lifted spirits amid the chaos. Here’s a look.

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