Eight Cause Marketing Activations That Reflect Consumers’ Shifting Priorities

Brands have leveraged cause marketing tactics to earn consumer loyalty for years, recognizing that younger generations in particular make purchase decisions based on a company’s ethos and whether its values align with their own. The most successful brands have walked the walk by supporting causes not with their words, or even donations, but with action. In the last 15 months, however, that action has often transformed into full-blown activism, and social good has taken on a whole new life.

Between a global pandemic and a racial reckoning, the world has changed—and the causes that matter most to consumers have shifted with it. As a result, brands are focusing their cause marketing efforts on helping businesses get back on their feet and supporting marginalized groups like the BIPOC community and women. And they’re using experiences to make it happen.

So to inspire your next social good campaign, we rounded up eight recent cause marketing activations that drove progress and lifted spirits amid the chaos. Here’s a look.

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  • HBO Max’s Rewards-driven Walking Tour Sends Fans on a Journey Through its Content Catalogue

    New York City is the backdrop to some of the most iconic moments in the films and TV series available on HBO Max. So to showcase the breadth of its content and celebrate the Big Apple’s reopening after a daunting year, the streaming service developed an interactive, rewards-driven walking tour across Manhattan. The experience served...

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  • Don Julio Marks Cinco de Mayo with a Bar Giveback Program for Hospitality Workers

    For consumers who have spent the past year drinking at virtual happy hours—and the hospitality workers whose businesses has suffered—Tequila Don Julio wanted to make this year’s Cinco de Mayo memorable. And thanks to its own digital currency and an ATM—that’s Automated Tequila Machine—the brand prevailed. Don Julio took a thoroughly modern approach to the...

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  • How LG’s Clothing Swap and Wash Center are Scrubbing Away Textile Waste

    There’s a hidden skeleton in your closet: that pile of unwanted clothing. The average American generates 81 pounds of textile waste each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, so to help consumers reduce their fashion footprint, LG Electronics hit the road with a seven-city mobile tour. Launched on April 25 in Los Angeles, and...

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  • Kohl’s Takes Over as Presenting Sponsor of a Drive-in Fashion Show

    There is an unexpected benefit in activating a fundraising event within a pandemic environment: accessibility. In the case of Runway of Dreams, a New Jersey-based nonprofit that promotes adaptive fashion for people with disabilities, going beyond the gala helped boost the profile of its Fashion Revolution drive-in event on March 9 as well as secure...

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  • H&R Block and Nextdoor Team Up on a Neighborhood Improvement Campaign

    There is a recurring theme in experiential’s recovery: partnership. Brands and agencies will be counting on partnership to reinvigorate relationships, meet the challenges of reactivation and boost the bottom line. And in many cases, brands may be counting on each other in partnership to combine resources and add dimension to thoughtful pandemic-era programming.

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  • Tazo Tea Embraces Climate Justice With a Tree-Planting Cause Marketing Initiative

    Trees can transform neighborhoods by absorbing air pollutants, adding greenery, enhancing air and water quality and lowering energy costs, among other things. But not all neighborhoods enjoy these benefits equally. Tazo Tea is looking to change that with a new climate justice cause-marketing campaign targeting economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and communities of color. The brand’s new...

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  • How Hennessy Raised a Glass to the Lunar New Year and Resonant Multicultural Marketing

    It’s hard to replicate the multisensory environment of a nightlife event through a screen, but to infuse a rich and relevant dose of culture on top of that is an added challenge Hennessy is well equipped to meet. The brand, which puts celebrating cultural diversity at the heart of its organization and its marketing, created...

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  • How Jägermeister Supported Artists, and Protesters, with a Virtual Gallery

    When South Bronx, NY-based art gallery and creative agency Compound attached a “temporarily closed” sign to its door in March as a result of the pandemic, it got the wheels spinning for founder Set Free Richardson. What would it take to keep the organization afloat amid the new normal? The solution was to deliver art...

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