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Zippo Rocks Out With Music Tours

Zippo’s summer brand activation, “Zippo Encore,” integrates music, a sweepstakes, giveaways, social media and online marketing with retail sales—all of which are totally relevant to its target audience of males ages 18 to 35. And it does so in the cluttered environment of a music concert where attendees’ attention span is, shall we say, probably not at its optimum capacity. But, after all, it’s not too much of a stretch. The Zippo brand is synonymous with encore performances at concerts around the globe, so much that it has become an iconic part of the experience.

So, to increase social media presence, product awareness, and sales of its collectible lighters, Zippo Encore this year is sponsoring three national rock music tours in succession, for a total of more than 80 performances from April through early fall. It was the largest and presenting sponsor for the first tour, which offered 21 performances in 17 states last March through April. At each event, Zippo will have a flame-themed, metal kiosk either indoors or outdoors, staffed by brand ambassadors in t-shirts who encourage audience participation in promotions as well as sell Zippo lighters. The concerts are part of a global music program for the brand.

A “Tweet & Greet Tweetstakes” serves as a magnet to draw concert-goers to its booth. Attendees who send a tweet on “why Zippo rocks” to @ZippoEncore, hashtag #zipporocks, are entered to be one of two randomly selected tweeters invited backstage, with a guest, to meet the featured band. All attendees receive free music downloads, up to 10 each, on handout cards with the Tweetstakes entry information on the flip side. The company expects to give out more than 30,000 cards. A website,, is the hub for all tour, Tweetstakes and musician info, and also includes streaming tunes and videos and ongoing “roadie” tour blogs by Zippo ambassadors, as well as a link to an e-tail site.

“We’re trying to stay relevant with our target audience, and we think music is a great fit for us,” Brent Tyler, global brand manager at Zippo, told Buzz. “We want to stay top of mind, be a part of their landscape and their lifestyle. They are there to have a good time and we are there to add to the event.” Agency: Cenergy, East Aurora, N.Y.

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