Three Tips on Creating Art-Inspired Events – Event Marketer

Three Tips on Creating Art-Inspired Events – Event Marketer

Three Tips on Creating Art-Inspired Events

Art is long and life is short, so the saying goes, and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to event marketing. In an industry that thrives on creating lasting impressions, an art-inspired activation has the power to leave your audience with life-long memories. From community projects to high-tech installations, many brands are using the approach to elevate their events. To help set poetry in motion, we offer three tips for turning your activation into a work of art.

1. Make it Immersive 

Forget all the rules you learned from childhood museum trips. Art doesn’t always have to be a spectator sport. Immersing your audience in your installation is a great way to forge emotional connections and take static artwork to the next level. Adobe employed the strategy with its Passport to Creativity event, which was set inside three massive tunnels filled with 4K projection-mapped images and sound bites from the conservation sites on display.

2. Incorporate Technology

There are no rules when it comes to deciding which medium to use to create an art installation, and many forms of technology are viable options. If you’re looking to offer a futuristic, out-of-the-box experience, tech has the power to lead the way. Audi recently mastered the approach with its Art of Innovation installation at New York City’s elite social venue, CORE: club. The event featured an LED-powered light and space exhibition created by artist Matthew Schreiber using advanced, high-intensity LED technology that included more than 400 individual diode lasers. Talk about a light show.

3. Make it Permanent

In the Age of Technology, snapping some photos of an art exhibition is an easy way for audiences to capture the memory, but what if they could see the display in person on a daily basis? That’s what Hansen’s Soda had in mind with its Art of Originality campaign. In addition to art-inspired engagements like a virtual reality painting experience and the chance to chalk draw on blank canvasses, the brand offered pedicab rides to neighborhood spots where street artists were painting murals that will remain on-site indefinitely. The street-level art is tagged with plaques that explain Hansens’ involvement in the project. Lasting impressions? You bet.

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