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Tech Strategy: American Express Swings Into RFID

American Express took its Championship Experience at this year’s US Open in Pinehurst, NC, into the digital age with the MyOpen Pass RFID Experience, its first foray into incorporating RFID technology into its activations. American Express is looking to expand RFID into other events, including its US Open Tennis, and perhaps music, activations.

Incorporating RFID into fan activations is a way for American Express to enhance the attendee experience. It also offers the brand feedback that it can use to create more engaging events with the goal of becoming a better event marketer.

“Knowing how digitally savvy folks are these days, we really believe that we need to show them that we ‘get’ them, and that we are tech savvy as well,” says Michele Carr, director of sports marketing at American Express. “Our goal is to be able to allow people to have an enhanced experience through the lens of service. It is a new way to bring service to life and that is really at the core of who we are.”

Carr said the company does not intend to use RFID as a lead generation tool or for data collection. “We will take the information in aggregate and not on a personal level for each consumer,” she says. “We hope to learn how people are interacting with our activation, what they are doing and how they are sharing it. We are trying to hone in on how we can be better event marketers. That is really the goal.”

Fans who wore the RFID-enabled bracelet could track their progress through the experience and receive a follow-up email that offered fitness tips, a swing analysis lesson and photo from the event that they could share across social channels.

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