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How GM Brought a Camaro to Social Media

It has become a de facto rule of the road to incorporate social media in all live activations, and at the auto show, some of the brands made a point of integrating Facebook, Twitter and the others in a well-thought out, strategic way instead of just tacking it on.

GM’s brilliant photo activation to promote its new 2011 convertible Camaro was, in our opinion, the best use of an experience designed to drive guests online from the show. Using 27 cameras, mounted in a sweeping, ascending curve around one side of the Camaro, the photographer took an action shot (saved as a stop-motion .gif image) of attendees jumping, flying, kicking and (to be honest) looking ridiculous. Then, the touch screen stations positioned all around the perimeter helped the folks send the image to… well, anywhere they wanted. The options encompassed every digital destination we could think of. And no, you can’t see the one we made.

Ford clearly made the determination that Twitter is king when it comes to online buzz, and to get the ball (or egg?) rolling in the Twitter-sphere, it deployed its brand ambassadors with nametags that displayed, not names, but unique Twitter handles for each staffer. The tweet stream was also displayed periodically in huge format on a multi-use projection wall for attendees’ reading pleasure. Cool.

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