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SodaStream Fizzles at Spring Break

On March 10, at-home soda maker brand SodaStream kicked off its Spring Break program at Panama City Beach, FL, with a series of beach activations. The brand will be on the beach through March 18 with a 20-foot by 20-foot footprint that has as its backdrop a 12-foot by six-foot cage atop a trailer filled with empty soda cans and water bottles equaling the average five-year waste of a family of four.

The cage evokes SodaStream’s eco-friendly message, which according to research, resonates with this demographic. The footprint houses a 10-foot by 10-foot demo tent where brand ambassadors demonstrate how the machine works and how it can help students save money and storage space by making their own soda. The activation is also an opportunity for the brand to test how well the product does with this demographic before it invests in a back-to-school college tour this fall.

“We wanted to get the college students’ response to SodaStream products and messaging before we invest in a bigger back-to-school tour,” Kristin Harp, marketing manager-SodaStream USA told Buzz. “We’re trying to get the students familiar with the product to generate brand excitement, which they then take back to their parents or whoever might buy it for them as a back-to-school special dorm room must-have accessory.”

A photo activation extends SodaStream’s conversation with the students beyond the beach. Students pose against a backdrop of carbonation bubbles with fun sayings, like “Get Busy with the Fizzy” and beach-themed props. The photo is emailed to students and can be uploaded directly to Facebook and Twitter. Students also receive premiums, like branded t-shirts playing up the word “buzz,” a reference to spring break, the buzz the machine makes when it’s making soda and the buzz about the product. Agency: Eventive Marketing, New York City.

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