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Audi Dealers in South Florida Treat Target Customers

 As part of a new product rollout test program, Audi launched its 2011 A6 in Miami on June 23 at the uber-chic 11 11 Lincoln Road building, a striking parking garage turned event space designed by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron.

To this iconic building, the automaker invited several hundred carefully chosen guests to an evening reception, where they were invited to schedule a test drive and, as a result, provide the brand with valuable tracking metrics that will tell them exactly how many attendees will buy an Audi over the next year and whether the event was a major force in that decision. The brand invited current Audi owners, people living in high-income and high-Audi ownership Zip codes and a selection of BMW M-class and Mercedes E-class drivers. Altogether, 589 people came to the party to enjoy music, tasty treats and a dj spinning tunes.
When guests arrived at the building, they self-parked on the sixth level and then rode the elevator to the seventh, where the doors opened to reveal the panoramic, 360-degree view of the Miami skyline. Dead center in the space were the three new A6s and a rare R8 Spyder supercar. Invited guests checked in with brand ambassadors using tablets and the staffers took new information from the unregistered “plus-ones” that accompanied them. While cruising the relaxed cocktail party Audi gave guests a chance to climb into the cars, chat with product specialists (not sales people—they weren’t allowed to come), and enter a contest for a weekend R8 driving experience in California’s Napa Valley. In the course of the three-and-a-half-hour event, almost 200 people scheduled test-drives with local dealers, and though it’s too early to tell how many will buy, Audi is optimistic.
“South Florida is a huge market for us, and succeeding there is a good sign for expanding these programs to the rest of the country,” Maggie Mohiuddin, marketing manager-Audi Southern Region, told Buzz. “When we think about what we want to do, we try to be progressive. A cheese tray won’t cut it anymore, but we don’t want to just throw a party either. We need to have the tracking and measurement, too.” Agency: SiiNC, Miami.

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