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Sampling: Weight Watchers Takes Its Snacks To The Streets For First Time

For the first time Weight Watchers is moving its calorie-controlled snacks off of grocery store sampling tables and into the hands of hungry consumers at fairs festivals and family events. The brand’s multi-market sampling campaign launched in late August and will hit 25 events in Boston Chicago and New York through Sept. 30.

For Weight Watchers program loyalists the snacks come with a handy point value on the packaging. For everyday snackers (non-members buy the majority of Weight Watchers’ products) the treats are portion-controlled to help them with their weight management goals. The brand hopes that by bringing the products to the masses it can tackle some of the misconceptions about diet food tasting like… diet food.

“We know we need to get up awareness among weight conscious consumers and we know the products taste really good ” Hugh Dever senior manager-licensing for Weight Watchers told Buzz. “So we looked at new ways we could increase trial of the products as well as deliver the right message.”

Brand ambassadors will be distributing coupon booklets along with products like ice cream bars yogurt pita bread and muffins. Agency: UCG Marketing New York City.


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