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Sampling: Smoothie King Embarks On First Tour

Smoothie King Franchises’ first-ever event tour is focusing on getting consumers to take a taste of the company’s beverages. The events revolve around a fully customized van—named the Orange KaBAM Van after a menu item—where the Smoothie King crew whips up its fruity concoctions.

Hitting fairs festivals and sporting events the tour unfolds into a 40-by-15 foot display where consumers can sample smoothies and receive coupons that drive them to local stores.

“The main objective of our tour is to get our product into people’s hands get them to taste it and bounce them back to our stores ” Katherine Meariman Smoothie King’s vp-administration told Buzz.

At the events a product specialist offers info about the beverages including nutritional stats. Consumers can participate in a contest called The Brain Freeze where they are challenged to drink a 12-ounce smoothie faster than their competitors to win prizes. The tour kicked off July 20 and wraps this fall. Agency: ZAG Marketing Gillette NJ.


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