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Ruby Tuesday Kicks Off Brand Makeover With Live Event

Restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday is saying goodbye to its old image and ushering in a new one by turning the demolition of its last restaurant into a live consumer event. On Tuesday Aug. 5 at 3:00 p.m. EST the chain’s last remaining old-style eatery was blown up in a live Internet broadcast at The event was part of the It’s a Brand New Tuesday campaign which is designed to kick start the chain’s brand makeover from bar and grill-style food and décor to fresh simple and modern American fare.

On Aug. 1 newspaper TV and online advertising started directing consumers to where a ticker counted down to the detonation. Print ads describe some of the coming changes like ditching the brass ferns and tchotchkes and TV teasers depict a restaurant exec taking a sledgehammer to one of the chain’s old Tiffany lamps.

Ruby Tuesday plans to collect visitor data from its website (when word leaked out earlier this week about the stunt the traffic crashed the company’s servers) but the main goal is revitalizing the brand’s staid reputation through an innovative mix of web technology and live event action. Agency: BooneOakley Charlotte NC.


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