Propel Water’s Co:Labs Fitness Events Hydrate a New Formula – Event Marketer

Propel Water’s Co:Labs Fitness Events Hydrate a New Formula – Event Marketer
Propel Water’s Co:Labs Fitness Events Help Hydrate a New Formula

Propel Water’s Co:Labs Fitness Events Hydrate a New Formula

Propel is promoting the reformulation of its flavored water product (now with more electrolytes) with fitness events offering its workout enthusiast target the opportunity to take part in some of the hottest exercise trends today. Called Propel Co:Labs, the pop-up studio program activated in Los Angeles April 29-30, and will open in New York City July 23-24 on Clarkson Street.

The four-day L.A. Co:Labs took place in a private home in Venice Beach transformed into a multi-level haven for the fitness fanatic, open 12 hours each day. Consumers signed up for free one-hour fitness classes with Propel partners and fitness personalities including Gunnar Peterson, trainer to the stars. Offerings included Y7 Studio, The Class, Cobra Fitness Club, Speedplay, NW Method (coming to New York City), Yoga for Bad People and Modelfit. The idea was to allow consumers to experience fitness classes offered in both cities, and experience a different sort of workout. Class sign-ups were managed via Event Farm.

On arrival, fitness apparel brand Bandier offered outfits and other products and accessories on the first level for purchase. There was a 3D photo booth where consumers could insert themselves into Propel print ads and share them on the spot. In the “Science of Propel” brand experience space, décor pushed the reformulation messaging, offering scientific explanations on Propel’s ingredients and what electrolytes do for your body. A rooftop bar served up smoothies crafted with Propel, while a live dj spun beats. And then of course, there was the fitness class in the sleek studio space.

The event kicked off with an influencer night featuring L.A. fitness bloggers and fitness media and a performance by pop star Nick Jonas. Helping to drive buzz was an organized lunch and Q&A with Gunnar Peterson, and a visit from the Electric Flight Crew (a social media-savvy fitness club) which was invited to meet and work out in the space and share the experience with its following.

“Propel has been around since 2002 and while we’re a part of the Gatorade family, we serve a very different consumer base,” says Gina Hardy, marketing director for Propel. “Gatorade is very much about athletes and Propel is for professional exercisers, so while we have the science of Gatorade, we’re formulated and focused on a different consumer target. We wanted to announce this launch with a big splash and create our own ownable experience.” Agency: Invisible North, Los Angeles.


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