Beat the Devil: How to Budget Your Trade Show – Event Marketer

Beat the Devil: How to Budget Your Trade Show – Event Marketer
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Beat the Devil: How to Budget Your Trade Show

For event marketers, after the Devil puts on Prada, it’s time to mingle amongst the details of your trade show budget and lie in wait. Assuming you’ve already created your show (a breakdown of that process can be had here), the budget for its staging is rife with potential for problematic overages. There are three elements that are relatively easy to overlook after the hurly burly of designing and delivering your exhibit:



How do you plan to stay connected to your team, your company, and all the online services upon which we’ve grown dependent when it comes to doing our jobs? Getting online in a trade show environment isn’t as simple as whipping out your phone and creating a hotspot. As any veteran trade show attendee can tell you, service is spotty in conference halls, which are often constructed like army bunkers that all but cut off cell signals. Many trade show hosts bundle an Internet fee to provide access while on site — pay it. Skimping here will only lead to frustration as your explode your data plan despite having only a single bar of service.


Keeping Clean

If you expect any traffic in your trade show experience you can also expect to accumulate a some dreck and dregs from your visitors. At the end of the day, after hundreds of visitors have trammeled your space, it will look like human hurricane had landed. Be sure to budget for daily vacuuming, cleaning, and garbage pick-up to ensure a tidy experience.


Eat, Drink, and Be Wary

If you plan to draw visitors to your trade show booth with sumptuous offerings of food and drink — especially alcohol — first confirm that your show actually permits that such activity on site. Some may levy food and beverage surcharges, while others may not allow the distribution of any kind of consumable at all due to their own contracts with vendors and venues.


Naturally, the first step to being prepared is being apprised of all the devilish details. Budget your show with confidence with our comprehensive 18-point breakdown that covers everything you need to budget your next show. Download it here.

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