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Open House Events Help Sell a Luxury Lifestyle

Real estate agents used to tempt potential homebuyers with a plate of freshly baked cookies. Agents of high-end properties in Florida, however, are taking a cue from the experiential industry and selling luxury through open house events.

Some are hiring Saks Fifth Avenue models to offer a spritz of perfume in the master bath. Others are partnering with top chefs, musicians, jewelers and luxury car dealers to create open house “experiences,” as the Herald-Tribune reports:

“It is a good way for [the] house to be talked about, and that is our goal,” said Daniel Matusiak, of Action Realty.

Open house events are appealing to partnering luxury business owners because they can make sales in non-business environments. On the flipside, agents get access to influencers by requesting, for example, that a business partner invite 25 of its best clients, Matusiak says in the report. While this approach isn’t new, agents say open house events had been toned down for some time. The improved economy and real estate market has freed up marketing budgets, and now event strategies are heating up more than ever.

“As the real estate market improves, brokerages are spending marketing dollars in many new ways,” said Jen Horvat, director of marketing for Michael Saunders & Co.

Her 10-person team is emphasizing “the experience at the event” Horvat said. “We might pay more for the entertainment, or do a video. We might do more with the invitation and a gift presented to each guest. It is about creating an experience, and using social media… so the event carries on afterwards.”

A live experience, partnerships, content, and ties to social. Sold.


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