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Dive into the Event Strategy Insights & Benchmarks Study, the first-ever quantitative analysis of the power of event marketing strategy.

Coproduced by Event Marketer and Opus Agency, this rapid-release “speed briefing” will give you all the highlights from the research. Join us to discover:

  • The business impact of implementing corporate event strategies
  • How event strategy is changing at top companies
  • The critical role CMOs play in it all
  • Measurement strategies and key metrics informing strategic plans
  • And more

This presentation is based on surveys and interviews with a wide cross-section of leading marketing executives in both business-to-business and consumer markets.

  • Presenters:


    Michael Hughes Michael Hughes
    Managing Director, Research and Consulting
    Event Marketer
    Kim Kopetz Kim Kopetz
    Executive Vice President, Strategy & Marketing
    Opus Agency

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