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Novartis Educates Women About Reclast

Pharma company Novartis has launched an educational tour to promote Reclast a new once-a-year osteoporosis treatment for women ages 55-plus. The company has partnered with independent living centers community senior centers malls and an organization for post-menopausal women called the Red Hot Mamas to host events in support of osteoporosis education and awareness. The tour runs through November and will reach 24 markets over a 20-week period.

Events feature inspirational speakers and nurse practitioners who are on hand to inform attendees of the disease and treatment options. Attendees also have the opportunity to record and take home their story at an audio kiosk.

“Our goal is to reach women in a fun and engaging way outside of traditional advertising with the hope of having women speak to their physicians about post-menopausal osteoporosis and to make sure they are taking the right steps to treat their disease ” Tina Tuttle director-communications at Novartis told Buzz. Agency: Momentum New York City.


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