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EM@MLB FanFest, Part I: Home Runs and Foul Balls

Earlier this week, Event Marketer editors escaped the oppressive heat of the city and joined families and fans in the Javits Center for an afternoon at MLB FanFest, Major League Baseball’s sponsored fan event that runs adjacent to the annual All-Star Game. We’ll bring you the full report in our August issue, but as a sneak peek, we bring you a snapshot of the Chevrolet activation.

Attendees visited one of about 15 electronic registration kiosks and then were given a “Scorecard Challenge” card and pencil. If they visited any four of the six vehicles on display, and answered the product-related trivia question right, they got access to a quick-moving line that delivered at its end a free commemorative baseball that ceremoniously wound its way down a chute much like a giant bubblegum ball machine. The giant baseball filled with the giveaway balls served as an eye-catcher from the aisle and inspired folks to fill out the reg forms and jump in line. To sweeten the deal, Chevy threw in a few gold baseballs promising the lucky recipient a special surprise (no free cars, but they did get free MLB tickets—not too shabby.)

This was just one part of a multi-pronged activation strategy that we think, for Chevy, hit it out of the park with fans. Stay tuned as we bring you more highlights online (Check out our second installment here) and in the next issue of Event Marketer.

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