Inside Bud Light’s Partnership With Tinder: Q&A – Event Marketer

Inside Bud Light’s Partnership With Tinder: Q&A – Event Marketer

Inside Bud Light’s Partnership With Tinder: Q&A

In an effort to reach even more millennials with its #UpForWhatever campaign, Bud Light earlier this month launched a partnership with Tinder, the social dating app. As part of the alliance, the beer brand custom created the app’s first native video profile card, which gives users of legal drinking age the chance to win a trip to Whatever, USA, the brand’s fictitious weekend destination. There’s sure to be a lot of swiping-right going on, as Whatever, USA will take place May 29-31 on Catalina Island. (Last year more than 1,000 fans descended on Crested Butte, CO, for the brand’s inaugural event.)

We recently discussed the alliance with Hugh Cullman, director-marketing at Bud Light. Here’s what he had to say:


Event Marketer: Whose idea was this partnership and how did it come about?

Hugh Cullman: This has probably been eight months in the making. It grew out of our digital team. We thought Tinder is obviously a fast-growing platform but also a platform that had a very young, attractive audience for what we are trying to do with Bud Light.


EM: How does this partnership make sense for Bud Light? Wouldn’t this young, attractive audience have already heard about Whatever, USA?

HC: We think that there is a good chance they will know about Whatever, USA. We also want to be cognizant that there will be individuals who don’t, and this is a great way to reach some millennials, especially those who may be cord-cutters or aren’t as reliant on traditional TV. For the individuals who do know about Whatever, USA, this is an incredibly easy way to get into the program.


EM: What are cord-cutters?

HC: Cord-cutters is a term we use here for a growing segment of the millennial audience that doesn’t have cable and doesn’t watch traditional TV. To reach them we need to make sure we are using non-traditional methods.


EM: How does the video profile card work?

HC: They are ads where if you swipe right on them, just that action alone will enter you for the chance to go to Whatever, USA. This is completely custom work for Tinder. It is a best practice here where we want to make sure that our message fits the platform and takes advantage of its surroundings.


EM: Will you continue to hold the audition events at on-premise accounts?

HC: Correct. This is just another touchpoint. We want to make sure that for the audience we are going after, we are going to all the key touchpoints to make it easy for them.


EM: What’s the reaction been so far?

HC: The response has been very enthusiastic. We only have a few days worth of data but from what we have seen initially it has been very, very positive.

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