Four Insights on Leveraging Live Streaming for Events – Event Marketer

Four Insights on Leveraging Live Streaming for Events – Event Marketer
Live Streaming for Events

Four Insights on Leveraging Live Streaming for Events

As live streaming picks up steam, event marketers continue to gain insight on how to perfect their use of the emerging technology. Regardless of which service is utilized, executing a seamless streaming experience is vital to any brand looking to benefit from it. To get the scoop on some best practices, we tapped Andrew Kabakoff, vp-marketing at Sunoco, which used Facebook Live to capture footage of its presence at a recent NASCAR race in Daytona Beach, FL (Team Epic handled). Following are his insights.

1. Live Footage Can’t Be Edited 

“It’s important to remember that anything can happen on live video,” says Kabakoff. “While this may seem like an obvious watch-out, it can’t be said enough. Plan for what you can, prep your talent, know your surroundings and stream carefully.”

2. Live-Stream Opportunities Abound

“[You can live stream] anywhere that you can provide an inside look to someone that’s not able to experience [the event] live,” Kabakoff says. “Access to any athlete, artist or celebrity will always be a draw. From a short Q&A session to a behind-the-scenes tour, these types of moments are built for live video.”

3. Don’t Live-Stream for Technology’s Sake 

“Just because you can [live] stream at any time, doesn’t mean that you always should,” says Kabakoff. “It’s crucial to sit down and determine how live video will be a part of your content strategy. As marketers, we must always start with the key question—how can we add value for our audience?”

4. Live Streaming Will Thrive in Events

Kabakoff says live streaming is likely to become an integral part of experiential programs as event marketers become more comfortable using the technology. “There is a constant challenge to extend the reach of events beyond the physical footprint, and live streaming is a powerful tool that provides scale at low cost,” he says.


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