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LittleMissMatched Serves Up Product In NYC

The New York City-based LittleMissMatched brand which started selling packs of three miss-matched socks four years ago has since branched into offering other apparel.

To create brand awareness collect data and connect with its customers face-to-face the brand recently went guerrilla. It hit the streets to interact with its core customer: the self-expressive New Yorker that identifies with the brand’s unconventional style.

To grab people’s attention LittleMissMatched designed and built a branded ice cream cart in house with an umbrella made entirely of hanging LittleMissMatched socks and flip flop slippers. Three brand ambassadors dressed in branded t-shirts and wearing the brands signature socks and colorful Converse sneakers manned the cart. They gave out ice cream cups with two LittleMissMatched socks inside and candy.

“We picked an ice cream cart to add to the playful character of the brand ” Arielle Eckstut creative director and co-founder at LittleMissMatched told Buzz. “We see our product as almost like candy so we thought candy in an ice cream cart to play up the eye-candy aspect of the brand and associated it with fun.” Agency: Grand Central Marketing New York City.


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