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GM Rocks Chevrolet Trailblazer Launch in Dubai

Chevrolet this year executed the Dubai International Motor Show’s first-ever experiential vehicle launch. The Dubai show is typically locked down tighter than the plans for next year’s El Camino concept, but for the global launch of its Trailblazer SUV, Chevrolet needed to break with tradition. The brand unleashed a classic experience on the industry insiders and automotive media with the help of show organizers to steal the limelight from competitors with the first-ever global launch hosted at the Motor Show from Nov. 10 to 14.

The brand’s press conference and vehicle reveals incorporated full production values, as was expected by the crowd, building toward the climax: the big reveal – on wheels. Chevrolet worked with the venue, the Dubai World Trade Centre, to secure permission to drive the new Trailblazer and other vehicles into the press conference for a dramatic entrance, a first for the show, which traditionally allows no experiential elements.

“The mid-sized SUV is the fastest-growing segment in the Middle Eastern region and for the Trailblazer launch we needed to show that Chevrolet is going global,” Samer El Kahlil, spokesman for GM’s Middle East Operations, told Buzz. “We didn’t want a static unveiling since very other brand does that.” Agency: inVNT, New York City.


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