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U by Kotex Leverages Concerts, Social Media to Drive Trial

To drive trial of its feminine care products, U by Kotex throughout August is engaging girls before performances at American Idol and Bruno Mars concerts via a series of interactive on-screen questions. Called “U Decide” moments, the activation consists of five 30-second spots that ask fun, lifestyle questions such as, “What would you not let anyone decide for you?” The girls respond via Twitter and Instagram on their mobile devices and tweet to receive a free sample. A U by Kotex mobile page aggregates and tracks the participants’ social content throughout the concerts.

“Our target consumer is always connected and always on,” says Kanchan Patkar, senior brand manager at Kotex. “Sharing is important to her. If we want to be in sync with her, we need to be where she is to share our ‘u decide’ message. Eighty percent of the audience at these concerts is in out target.”

U by Kotex, which is owned by Kimberly-Clark, launched three years ago as part of a strategy to appeal to women ages 18 to 24 with updated packaging, colorful product design and an effort to replace the clinical messaging surrounding feminine products with open, casual dialogue. The brand has engaged in experiential marketing, but this marks its first foray into music. So far, the program has led to more than a half-million visits to ubykotex.com and 247,000 products sampled.

“This is not a one-month program,” Patkar adds. “We want to continue the conversation with them. Once they sign up and get into our database, we will stay in touch with them.” Agencies: Mindshare, Chicago; Organic, San Francisco.


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