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Hyundai Re:Mix Lab Celebrates Cars and Collaborations

Hyundai this fall is once again activating its Re:Mix Lab program, a series of one- to four-day events that feature customized versions of the automaker’s cars, live music, keynote speakers and an artifact retrospective called “Exhibits in Collaboration.”

Each event showcases three vehicles that have been modified to represent a lifestyle theme. The Music 2.0 Veloster Turbo features a chrome exterior, dj station and booming sound system. The Re:Mix Genesis Coupe represents luxury with its terra cotta leather interior and carbon fiber details. And the eco-conscious-meets-social-media-themed Eco-Tuner Elantra GT is painted matte green and includes recycled tweed fabric, a Nintendo Wii with a 15-inch motorized TV and a road-trip friendly cargo roof rack.

At each event, attendees are served cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while they enjoy a mix of live musical performances, keynote lectures and dj sets, all carefully curated to appeal to the local market and the millennial mindset. Fourteen museum-quality displays comprise the Exhibits in Collaboration, a series of static exhibits that showcase one-of-a-kind artifacts from collaborations in art, music and design, such as bottles from French dj David Guetta’s collaboration with Coca-Cola, and limited edition collectibles created by Kidrobot for the animated series, “The Simpsons.” Guests can instantly share their experiences on Facebook through interactive RFID bracelets.

This is the second year for the Re:Mix Lab program. In 2011, the brand supported the launch of the Veloster with the live events. This year, Hyundai is using the Re:Mix Lab strategy to launch the Genesis Coupe, the Veloster Turbo and the Elantra GT.

“Instead of taking our dollars and investing in a sponsorship where we participate with an existing medium, this is something entirely different,” Sandy Belvedere, senior group manager-experiential marketing at Hyundai Motor America, told Buzz. “We’re creating our own branded experiential way of engaging with consumers—something that we know that other automakers haven’t been able to duplicate. It’s an unexpected place and they’re unexpected cars and we feel it’s an unobtrusive manner of providing an experience for these consumers. They get to know the vehicles, affiliate with the brand and then share their experiences socially.”

Re:Mix Lab launched in Chicago on Aug. 3 in conjunction with Lollapalooza and then went on to New York City on Sept. 27. The tour will continue to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Austin and finally, Miami where it will activate in conjunction with UR1, a festival associated with Art Basel, Dec. 8-9. Agency: H360, New York City.

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