How Green Screen Activations Can Generate Leads – Event Marketer

How Green Screen Activations Can Generate Leads – Event Marketer

How Green Screen Activations Can Generate Leads

Green-screen photo activations have long been used to entice customers to exchange personal information for a memorable moment captured on film.
But despite its popularity marketers may not be making the most of the data after the fact. As the financial firestorm continues to topple companies left and right green-screen providers are rising to the challenge by offering targeted on-site data collection strategies detailed backend reports and tactics that extend the experience online. Collecting data for the sake of collecting data? Not in this economy pal.

One simple addition to the data collection survey can yield more qualified consumer information and help shorten the gap between a live experience and follow-up from days to mere hours. For its ongoing Florida Blue Tour BlueCross BlueShield enticed consumers with an interactive green-screen surfing experience and then followed up by asking targeted questions that identified the specific healthcare needs of the consumer. An agent contacted the pre-screened attendee within 48 hours with more specific policy information (Handling agency: 361° Experiential Chicago; Photo partner: PictureU Atlanta). To weed out non-Floridians BCBS added a zip code category. “We are able to use the data to shape our tour experience to meet specific target markets’ needs ” says Jeff Warnock senior manager-experiential marketing at BlueCross BlueShield of Florida. “Although we value all data collection our ultimate goal is to collect qualified leads that convert to sales.” The zip code category can be useful in nationwide programs as well. It can help a brand track trends and target its sales efforts by the regions states and cities that showed a greater interest in its products at the event.

With the popularity of Facebook Flickr and other social networking websites it’s clear that consumers are interested in making their web spaces stand out. Giving them the tools to do that can hook them in keep them engaged longer and inspire them to provide personal data on site and online. Chicago-based eshots provides online green-screen tools that allow consumers to manipulate the background and foreground of the photo taken at the event and personalize it by adding related “stickers ” like hats jaunty moustaches and other goofy add-ons. Plus the feature allows consumers to use the same photo to mix and match with stickers and backgrounds from the same brand’s other sponsorship properties. Eshots has found the feature increases consumer online engagement by three to four times in comparison to standard retrieval websites plus it can generate two to three times more viral buzz. For Lexus’ upcoming golf and tennis events the car company will use the tool. Consumers will be able to take a photo with Tiger Woods’ trophy or a fuzzy lime-green Lexus (inspired by the tennis ball) and personalize it on the company website. “This way a consumer will spend more time on ” says Vince Salisbury the brand’s event marketing manager. “We can tell when consumers log in and how long they stay and that’s one of the statistics that we use when we’re doing analysis after events. Consumers can then download the picture to their social networking site which we really like especially for our tennis events where a younger crowd tends to attend.”

Most green-screen providers have sophisticated backend reporting systems that can pinpoint which regions to target and which events are worth returning to for a second year. These companies usually have the capacity to take the data and export it to existing CRM systems. “The idea is that you take your budget especially in today’s economic times move it into the events that are giving you the most meat—the people that are actually interested in buying your product ” says Craig Steensma president of eshots. “Clients can actually define what a quality lead is so they go into all the data and say ‘We want these two age ranges they have to have said yes to this question they need to have provided their address and first and last name so I can follow up with them.’” At Lexus events eshots downloads all the names of consumers that want to be contacted by a dealer. That consumer’s info sorted by zip code is sent to their local dealer who follows up the next morning.

No one wants to answer a bunch of questions at a leisure-time event so make the data collection a seamless part of the experience. Last year at the US Open Lexus created a green-screen photo program that placed consumers next to a superimposed image of American tennis pro Andy Roddick (via eshots). While people were lined up for the experience staffers scanned their licenses and asked a few Lexus product-related questions. The idea was to take advantage of idle time consumers spend in line and grab data while it’s good for the grabbing. Another plus: Brands don’t have to rely on consumers to provide their info when retrieving the photo online.


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