The Guard Goes on Active Duty in Mobile Learning Center - Event Marketer

The Guard Goes on Active Duty in Mobile Learning Center – Event Marketer

The Guard Goes on Active Duty in Mobile Learning Center

The National Guard wants America’s high school students to know it is about more than just natural disaster relief and combat missions. A key part of its mission is about serving its communities, and to that end the Guard has launched the Mobile Learning Center. The program is designed to improve the performance of low-performing schools in science and math while raising awareness about the Guard’s community services in a no-pressure way. The vehicle hit the road in Washington D.C. on Sept. 30, and will visit schools in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Tennessee and Texas to support the national “Educate to Innovate” program.

The Learning Center is housed in a 65-foot vehicle that contains a 24-seat theater and off-board, a 27-foot by 27-foot tent structure with five attached alternative energy education areas. Each area focuses on a specific type of energy and involves a unique experiment or demonstration. The earth area is about fossil fuel conservation; water focuses on hydroelectric generation; fire explores solar energy; wind examines the power of wind energy, and all four are joined in the Energy Town exhibit, a model city that showcases the percentages of energy generated by the resources, now and as projected for the year 2050.

“We want to motivate these kids to do better in these subject areas, drive knowledge about alternative energy sources and help them make it to high school completion,” Major Pam Ellison, project manager for school and workplace development for the National Guard, told Buzz. “We want to be seen not just as a fighting force or responders to natural disasters, but as a force for community service and as a force for stopping the process of high school dropouts.” Agency: RedPeg Marketing, Alexandria, VA.

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