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Green Mountain Coffee Launches its First Mobile Tour

Green Mountain Coffee is connecting with consumers and sampling its caffeinated brew this summer on its first-ever mobile tour. Through Sept. 15, the brand will be visiting fairs, festivals, malls and high-traffic locations across the Northeast to raise awareness for its coffee and promote its Keurig single-serve coffee brewing system. Attendees will get a chance to try the brand’s signature coffee and share their coffee revelations inside a nine-foot tall booth built to look like a hot cup of Green Mountain Coffee.

“The first-time mobile tour ties back to our tagline, ‘Green Mountain Coffee: A Revelation in Every Cup,’” Roger Garufi, senior marketing specialist at Green Mountain Cofee, told Buzz. “A cup of coffee means something different to everyone. We want to remind folks to take a breather throughout their day and enjoy a cup of our coffee.”

At the events, consumers can take a breather by stepping into the whimsical Revelation Booth to record a video, take a photo or enter a text message capturing their Green Mountain Coffee Revelation, and then opt in to share their message virally. They can also visit to view their revelation and share it at a later time. Each submission is featured online and consumers can vote for their favorites; 12 winners will receive a Keurig brewer and a six-month supply of coffee.

To stir up buzz before the tour, the brand also sampled inside hotel and ski resort lobbies and placed ads on ski racks and lifts (New York City-based handling agency, Brand Connections Experiential, facilitated the resort sampling; Brand Buzz, New York, also handled). In between events and mall tours, street teams wearing branded jet packs filled with coffee will be passing out samples to commuters in high-traffic locations.

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