Mobile Art Tour Hits the Road to Spark Dialogue - Event Marketer

Mobile Art Tour Hits the Road to Spark Dialogue – Event Marketer

Mobile Art Tour Hits the Road to Spark Dialogue

Artist Eric Fischl wanted to create a dialogue about the American experience through art, poetry, music and performance and he wanted artists all across the country to be part of the discussion. So he’s created and launched the America: Now and Here (AN+H) mobile tour. It kicked off as a guerrilla-style installation in Kansas City, KS, where pop-up galleries sprung up all over the city for three weeks during the month of May to showcase local and nationally recognized artists. The AN+H’s objective is to drop “cultural bombshells” by traveling from city to city in as many mobile galleries as possible. Right now, there is only one vehicle, but the plan is to raise funds and put several more on the road, perpetually.

The truck is a custom-built, 53-foot-long big rig trailer. Outside, artist Barbara Kruger designed the graphics and inside, it houses work by Fischl and 150 other artists as a mobile gallery set to visit cities and schools across the country.

“Kansas City was all about demonstrating not just the power of the art, but also the community involvement,” Dorothy Dunn, director of the AN+H project, told Buzz. “AN+H has shown its ability to be a catalyst for conversations about art, education and politics and now we’re hoping to use the positive experience in Kansas City to attract partners for the national tour and help us build a convoy of several trucks.”

For more information about the project, visit Agency: Switch, St. Louis.

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