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Green Machines

Brand ambassadors walk countless miles every year but now there are new eco-minded technologies can maximize the value of their activity while at the same time minimize their footprints (carbon that is). Get these on your radar event marketers. Fresh ideas and high-tech energy savers that may someday turn street team energy into sustainable energy.

Walking On Sunshine
Solar-powered fabric panels turn bags and backpacks into self-sustaining energy sources that can transform mobile street teams and samplers into walking electronic kiosks. A photovoltaic panel on the exterior of the backpack harnesses the sun’s energy and stores it in an attached battery. Connectors in the backpack charge a range of devices from iPods and cell phones to handhelds and gaming devices. USB attachments provide backup for cloudy days. See and for more. For custom bags or uniforms solar products like Power Plastic a paper thin light-activated plastic strip by Konarka Technologies can be colored and patterned to suit your program’s aesthetic and then embedded right into your fabric.

Spin City
They may be too winded to chat up your brand to potential customers but staffers who take a spin on a stationary bike can not only show off your environmental commitment they can keep the lights on too. Energy drink brand AMP invited attendees at this year’s Super Bowl NFL Experience to literally fuel the event by grabbing an organic t-shirt and jumping on stationary bikes connected to batteries. More than 1 200 hardworking staff and volunteer riders helped the brand keep the lights microphones and plasma screens on plus offset the power required to broadcast the 30-minute pre-game show on Fox which was sponsored by AMP. At this year’s Teva Mountain Games SoBe invited attendees to get in on the action and jump on a Trek bike pimped out with a blender on the back to mix up their own smoothie.

Power Walking
What if you could harness all that kinetic energy brand ambassadors create marching up and down city streets? Researchers have developed a knee brace prototype that captures the energy created from walking and converts it into electricity. According to a report published in the journal Science the device generates enough power to charge 10 cell phones at once. The brace captures the energy the knee loses after swinging the leg forward to take a step according to the researchers. Someday your street teams may strap on a knee brace hit the road and charge GPS devices cell phones laptops and other mobile gadgets right from their own legs.

Body Moving
At last—a way to harness the hidden potential of all the junk jingling around in your bag or backpack. Coming in 2009 the M2E Power motion-powered charger transforms the kinetic energy created by movements like walking shaking or just lolling around in a bag full of snack bar samples into electricity that can be used to recharge a phone or other device. The company estimates that six hours of motion can add 30 minutes to an hour of talk time to a cell phone. The same company is exploring how to turn vibrations from cars into electricity. Hello mobile tours! EM.


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