Fab 50 2016: Dwell Time Tips

Fab 50 2016: Dwell Time Tips – Event Marketer
Fab 50 2016: Dwell Time Tips

Fab 50 2016: Dwell Time Tips

Each year, our Fab 50 program provides a list of the top fabricators serving the event and trade show industry in an effort to simplify the exhibit partner selection process. This year, in addition to the 2016 Fab 50 lineup, we offered a deeper dive into the state of the fabrication industry, including insights on attendee dwell time.

The way trade show attendees navigate booth spaces isn’t what it used to be. Fabricators are altering the way they view dwell time and the customer journey. Here, three tips for improving the in-booth experience.

1. Focus on Quality Attendees

“We have noticed over the course of the last two years, when we talk to our clients and prospective clients, their KPIs have no longer been the quantity of leads they’re getting at the show; it’s the quality of leads,” says Nicole Genarella, svp-marketing at 3D Exhibits. “So it’s driving

to their exhibit by pre-show mailers. It’s sending them to a microsite preshow to answer a few questions to determine their qualifications. It’s getting them into the booth and when their badges scan, asking five or six questions to determine are they a qualified opportunity where the company should be spending 15 to 20 minutes with them.”

2. Reimagine the Attendee Journey

“We are very strong proponents of recommending an engagement strategy which gets into thinking through the choreography of the foot traffic in your booth,” says Rick Stoner, marketing director at Derse. “I think, oftentimes, certain brands rely on the design and intrigue of their booth… and for one reason or another, they don’t really think through a full choreography of, ‘How do I get someone from the aisle to engaging with somebody in the booth and having conversations that lead to sales?’”

3. Bolster Your Sales Force 

“Research shows that when

come in, they’re expecting answers,” says Christopher Kappes, vp-sales at RES Exhibit Services. “They don’t want it tomorrow; they want it today. And that is really key. So dwell time is contingent upon how prepared your sales force is to engage and how deep you’re able to take that discussion.”

This story appeared in the August 2016 issue

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