2021 Executive Roundtable: Diversity in Events

”Multicultural marketing does not follow a ‘build it and they will come’ mantra. Brands can’t build a diversity marketing campaign in their backyard and expect diversity audiences to come play ball.”

Top Agency Executives Share Insights on the Action Steps They’re Taking, and the Progress They’re Making, Toward Greater Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Few business sectors have a greater impact on diversity, equity and inclusion than experiential marketers. From the composition of their own internal teams to the vendors they choose to partner with to the marketing message they craft to the speakers they put on the stage—every single decision an event marketer makes o ers an opportunity to change the landscape in favor of more diversity.

It’s an awesome responsibility to be sure, and it’s one that many in the industry are tackling head-on as the cultural changes of the past year make it clear that the status quo has got to go.

Event Marketer convened a digital panel of agency leaders to talk about where the roadblocks to DE&I are, and how their respective organizations are overcoming them.



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