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Event Tours: Gallery Exhibits Help Lexus Introduce New Vehicle

Seeking a nontraditional way to introduce Lexus to a new generation of buyers—and reintroduce the marque to drivers whose perceptions of the brand might not be up to date—the luxury division of Toyota Motor Sales has assembled its own touring art exhibition dubbed The 460 Degrees Gallery.

“We’ve realized that not only do we have to approach people who have an interest in automotive or who have car shopping on their minds but that we have to keep the funnel full at the top end and approach people through their lifestyle interests ” Brian Bolain Lexus’ national interactive and contextual planning manager told Buzz. “We can use something like this as a bridge to get them more familiar with the brand.”

The initiative began with a two-week run in a Beverly Hills storefront from late October through early this month; it’s taking over a storefront on New York City’s Fifth Avenue from mid to late November followed by stops in Miami in December and Chicago in January. The exhibition’s name is a reference to the automaker’s new LS 460 sedan.

The gallery displays three artists’ work—a massive sculpture a video installation and a series of photos—along with one dramatically lit LS 460. Lexus sought locations with heavy foot traffic to draw visitors during regular business hours. It’s keeping the gallery busy at night by letting media partners host invite-only events for their subscribers and guests. The gallery was on pace to draw 4 500 visitors during its 12 days in L.A. Agency: Lime PR + Promotion New York City.


Photo Credit: unsplash.com/@deanna_j

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