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Why Employee Engagement is so Important Right Now

It might be the most mission-critical practice that no one is practicing.

We’re talking about employee engagement, or tapping into what motivates employees and leveraging that energy to retain top talent and generate results.

Whether you realize it or not, you have a unique employer brand that should be a clear extension of the corporate brand you market to consumers. Because retention has a direct impact on the bottom line, it’s up to your company’s executive, human resources and marketing teams to create a cohesive, consistent employer brand that resonates inside and outside the company.

In this guide to employee engagement strategies for event marketers, the industry’s top experts offer actionable tips, insights and strategies to kick start your employer brand and ignite your workforce right now, including:

• The anatomy of an employee-driven engagement strategy
• How to get to the root of the engagement challenge and 
reveal the opportunity
• Three ways to boost engagement and transform your employer brand
• How to craft the right narrative to run through all employee journey touch points
• Employee influencers: who they are, why they’re important and how to engage
• Real-world examples of engagement strategies in action and the impact they made

Your people are your greatest assets, but only if they’re fully engaged in their jobs. Download your free copy of this white paper today.

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