Social Media Top Tip: Enterprise Social - Event Marketer

Social Media Top Tip: Enterprise Social – Event Marketer

Social Media Top Tip: Enterprise Social

In this monthly series, EM brings you tips and tricks from pros and experts who’ve been eating social media marketing for breakfast. So eat up, and check us out on Twitter @eventmarketer and for more.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in the event marketer’s toolbox these days when it comes to extending the reach of events and building buzz for campaigns, but if that’s all you think it can do, think again. More and more, social technology platforms are working behind the scenes of companies and campaigns to streamline brainstorming, communications, logistics and content delivery like any other enterprise-level software. Don’t believe me? Well, the joke’s on you. Microsoft knows it. Oracle’s been beating that drum for years. Leading marketing automation provider Marketo is on-board, too.

To prove it, each one of these giants has in the last six months acquired an important social enterprise software—Yammer, Involver and Crowd Factory, respectively—to incorporate into their own operations, and offer to their customers, too. In this out of the ordinary social media tip, we bring you up to speed on what they are and what they can do.

So download the PDF and read on, as we fill you in on the power of Social Enterprise tools.

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