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EM’s year in review

EM’s year in review provides a chronological look at more than 67 ways the industry turned a down economy into an opportunity to prove that live marketing is still alive and kicking

Saying that this was one of the industry’s toughest years on record would be an understatement. First the banking industry imploded on itself sparking a domino effect of financial destruction that seemed only to gain momentum as the year went on.

The first to get hit: creators of hospitality and recognition events. Then high-profile sports sponsorships came under fire adding fuel to the public’s outrage. Next came the
exhibit freeze as marketers canceled trade-show reservations and put booth builds on hold. As a result attendance plummeted too sending entire economies like Las Vegas’ reeling.

Many brand teams were forced to layoff their employees while on the agency side some shops closed their doors forever. Indeed there wasn’t much to be happy about. But between the lines and behind the scenes the actual work that did get executed was arguably some of the strongest ever unleashed. For many marketers the economic implosion was a hard-won wake-up call that forced from the depths signs of growth
innovation and inspiration. More than 67 in fact.

What you’re about to read is a month-by-month retrospective of the top trends that rose from the ashes in 2009. It’s a downloadable .pdf filled with examples of fresh thinking unconventional ideas and a revived almost ferocious pursuit of data that can prove the value of live programs to even the most skeptical of audiences. When staying alive was all anyone was trying to do this industry made innovation its survival strategy.

We present more than 67 tactics concepts and downright brilliant trends that you—the event industry—brought to life in your darkest hour.  Click Here

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