EM Follows Up on Five Years of Cover Stories - Event Marketer

EM Follows Up on Five Years of Cover Stories – Event Marketer

EM Follows Up on Five Years of Cover Stories

EM Follows Up On Five Years Of Cover Stories

Dean Acheson may have said it best. “Always remember that the future comes one day at a time.”

In the event business the future comes one engagement at a time. As the industry continues to speed up gone are the days when live marketing was looked at as the add-on. Gone are the days when the event was the tactical extension of a branding program. Gone are the days when face-to-face marketing was but a mere silo of brand management.

The event dear reader has become the single-most important connection between a brand and a target the critical engagement that accelerates a customer’s journey through a purchase funnel and pushes every single possible lever: awareness affinity inclination to purchase—and sales.
The essence of modern day marketing has been given a complete makeover and the future… is now.

What began in the fall of 2002 as a new magazine has become the de facto voice for the event marketing industry worldwide. Our recipe: Focus on the marketers the strategy who’s doing what—and why.

Over the years our editors have received numerous calls and emails asking for updates on our cover stories. With this anniversary issue we couldn’t think of a better time to deliver. We’ve cracked open every cover story we’ve ever written and reached back out to the marketers EM’s featured for an update on where they are now what’s different and how the power of events has evolved inside their companies.

What we learned and what you’re about to discover is that the experience has become the brand marketer’s most human face. Strategic integration is threading face-to-face marketing throughout the mix as benchmarked metrics prove the clear and present power of the spend. Dollars continue to be redeployed into events in many cases at staggering rates. And the growth is only getting started. The future… is now.

For a magazine that launched five years ago to meet the needs of marketers and attempt to define an industry that was still undefined it’s been incredibly rewarding to know that our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. We appreciate the support and access from marketers and agencies alike and we pledge our continued dedication to serving you for many years to come.

Our time machine is ready. Buckle up and enjoy the ride kids.

October/November 2002—Chrysler

December 2002/January 2003—IBM

February/March 2003—Visa

April/May 2003—RFP Shortlist

June/July 2003—Chevrolet

August/September 2003—Lego

November/December 2003—Reebok

February/March 2004—U.S. Army

April 2004—The RFP Hit List

May 2004—FedEx

June/July 2004—ING

August/September 2004—Jeep

November/December 2004—Washington Mutual

February/March 2005—Miller Brewing

April 2005—The Event Agency Hit List

May 2005—Bank of America

June 2005—American Express

August/September 2005—Avaya

October 2005—Samsung

November/December 2005—Ameriquest

February/March 2006—JetBlue

April 2006—The Event Agency Hit List

May 2006—Toyota

June/July 2006—Verizon

August/September 2006—Cisco

October 2006—Gap

November/December 2006—Lexus

February 2007—Boeing

March 2007—Plantronics

April 2007—The It List

May 2007—Anheuser-Busch

June/July 2007—Motorola

August 2007—Best Buy



Photo Credit: unsplash.com/@franckinjapan

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