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Atayne Collects Trash To Connect With Runners

On Oct. 5 athletic brand Atayne activated its sponsorship at the Maine Marathon in Portland ME by… picking up trash. The one-and-a-half-year-old athletic apparel brand sent volunteer brand ambassadors out on the 26-mile course with baby jogging strollers to follow runners and pick up garbage and recyclables left behind. Atayne creates performance apparel made from recyclable materials like plastic bottles and coconut shells. The activation supports the brand’s environmentally conscious mantra: run hard tread lightly.

“We wanted to get involved in the event in a more impactful way that gives us more visibility and more bang for our buck and also really helps the event and is in line with our values ” Jeremy Litchfield chief pace setter at Atayne told Buzz. “Ultimately everything we do goes back to inspiring environmental and social change using the power of sports and active lifestyles.”

Atayne reached out to the local market before the race to gather volunteers who on race day collected trash and roamed the event to help event organizers sort recyclables from non-recyclables. Four Atayne volunteer runners started at the 14.5-mile station and ran the course picking up more Atayne volunteers as they went. At the end of the race 15 team members crossed the finish line with joggers filled with trash. Over 80 30-gallon bags of paper cups were recycled a trailer full of cardboard was collected and recycled and nearly 4 000 plastic bottles and jugs were submitted for redemption and recycling.

As part of its sponsorship agreement the brand connected with consumers at a pre-race expo booth and activated on race day at a prime spot at the finish line. Atayne provided performance apparel as prizes for the top three finishers and in race bags provided all runners free shipping offers plus a tip card listing 10 things they can do to become a greener runner.


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